Adult Training


Training required for diocesan Safe Environment Program

The Diocese of Great Falls-Billings, like all dioceses in the United States, is required to cooperate with parents, civil authorities, educators and community organizations to provide education and training for children, youth, parents, clergy, educators and others about ways to make and maintain a safe environment for children. Education and training are made available through local parishes and schools in the Diocese of Great Falls-Billings for adults and youth.

Safe Environment Training is required for:

• All diocesan clergy and employees
• All parish employees
• All parish volunteers with access to children or vulnerable adults
• All school educators, employees and volunteers

The Diocese of Great Falls-Billings currently utilizes the Safe and Sacred Program from Proud to Protect for on-line adult training. Once you create a profile in the system, your username and password remain yours throughout your employment/volunteerism no matter where you may go within the entire diocese. For example, if you live in Great Falls and assist a parish with their religious education classes and then move to Billings or Miles City as a teacher, the courses you completed while in Great Falls follow you to your new location. You are not required to begin all over again, repeating courses or submitting a new application for a background check.

A Step-by-Step Guide has been prepared to assist parishes and schools in the implementation of the Adult program. The program offers 5 training modules with an annual requirement. The modules include:

• Recognizing Child Abuse
• Professional Boundaries & Behaviors
• Internet Safety
• Bullying
• Vulnerable Adults

Upon completion of each course a Certificate of Completion is issued which is good for one year. Issuance of the certificates signifies:

• You have a current background check on file (no more than 5 years old);
• You have completed the training module;
• You have read and agree to abide by the Child Protection Policy and Code of Conduct