Stewardship Mini Conference Recordings



In May 2014, more than 300 parishioners throughout the Diocese of Great Falls-Billings attended 'mini-conferences' focusing on Revitalizing Our Church. The six presenters were lay people from our diocese that volunteered their time and energy to bring these important topics to each of our five vicariates. That's right - we drove the circuit! We had mini conferences in Great Falls, Miles City, Billings, Havre and Poplar. At the Havre Vicariate gathering, we taped the presentations so that they would be available to everyone in our diocese:

To view and listen to the presentations, simply click

 on the above picture and then the individual links for each.


Please contact Leah Jerome, Director of Stewardship, at 800-332-9998 if you'd like PowerPoint handouts of the presentations or any additional information. Your input about future presentations is welcomed and encouraged!

Sit back and enjoy the presentations. And God bless you for your own stewardship!

Attendee Comments:

"Wow! Awesome stuff. We need much more of this in our parish

 and diocese! Can't wait for more!"

"Lots of ideas for strengthening our parishes - thank you!"

"I wish everyone in the parish could hear this - very energizing and motivational. If each of us would do one thing consistently - wow!"

"It fired me up!"

"I really, really enjoyed this. Possibly the best diocesan offering I've ever attended!"

"This mini-conference was outstanding. Great benefits to those

 who attend. Let's keep this going!"