Marriage Tribunal

The work of the Tribunal is a shared ministry that is also part of the pastoral care of the Diocese.  Church Marriage Law is designed to protect the rights and dignity of each person while fostering healing and spiritual growth through the compassionate and just application of the law in the ministry of serving God’s people. The Church, in her wisdom, cares about all people and especially those who have suffered the pain of divorce. 

We welcome all inquiries, questions, or comments.  We are here to serve you.  Please know that information submitted to the Tribunal is held in strict confidence; only those who are a party in the marriage, their Advocates, and those members of the Tribunal who are necessary to the process will have access to the testimony provided.

The process for a declaration of invalidity (an annulment) can seem daunting to those unfamiliar with the process and its requirements.  However, our specially trained Advocates have very loving and compassionate hearts and are eager to assist you throughout the process. 

If you are divorced and want to marry in the Catholic Church or divorced and in a civil union and want to participate fully in the life of the Church, then please contact us. 

We will listen with compassion, empathy, and understanding of the pain of divorce.  We will guide you in the right process. Please click here for a list of Advocates.

Services of the Tribunal

Providing canonical information to those who work in parishes.

Granting Dispensations

Providing training for Advocates

Distributing information on marriage to parish ministers and engaged couples.

Keeping an archive of completed prenuptial forms.

Providing information on the annulment process.

Processing marriage cases

Promoting commitment in marriage through catechesis  for marriage preparation, Marriage Encounter, and Retrouvaille

Tribunal Director

Terri Reavley

Administrative Assistant

Loretta J. St. Germain

Judicial Vicar
and Defender

Rev. Robert D. Grosch, J.C.L.

Adjunct Judicial Vicar
and Judge

Rev. David P. Wilkins, J.C.L.

Defenders of the Bond

Rev. Michael Schneider, J.C.L.

Rev. Samuel Spiering, J.C.L.