Diocesan Synod Update

As a result of the 2021 Diocesan Synod, Bishop Warfel continues to work on a Pastoral Letter to the People of God of Eastern Montana.  This document was scheduled to be released within the next couple of weeks.  It was announced today that the issuance of this document will now be during the Easter Season.

Bishop Warfel, in a memo to the Diocesan Synod Delegates said; “Unfortunately, it is taking more time to draft the document given other matters that have interfered with quality time for reflection and writing.  It is in the works, and I do have a first draft written, but I want to issue a document that will be well written and helpful in providing guidance for parish planning.  As such, I have adjusted my timeline for it to be issued during the Season of Easter.”

Let us continue to pray for our Bishop as he works on this document.