What are the dates of the Annual Catholic Appeal?
The campaign begins on February 3th and continues through May 26th. Of course, your support of the diocese is welcome and gratefully received at any time, year-round!

What is the Annual Catholic Appeal?
This campaign is the Bishop’s annual appeal in support of important ministries and services provided by the Diocese of Great Falls-Billings.

Why do we need these services and ministries of the Diocese?
While many parishes provide an array of services and ministries, some parishes and missions do not have the resources to do so. It is important as church to share resources that even the smallest of our missions may benefit.

How does my parish benefit from my donation?
The services of the Diocese impact each of the churches in the Diocese. Individual parishes utilize diocesan administrative support such as human resources, administrative support, financial and social justice advocacy. Diocesan ministries include the pastoral ministry of the bishop, the Marriage Tribunal, Vocations (priesthood and diaconate formation), support for retired/disabled priests and diocesan cemeteries.

Why is my gift important?
Through the Annual Catholic Appeal, individuals provide support for diocesan services and ministries. This appeal is their most important source of funding. Each of us is responsible for the well-being of the Church in our parishes, in the diocese and throughout the world.

Will my donation be used for ministries and services that serve the people of our diocese?
Contributions to the Annual Catholic Appeal exclusively and solely support the ministries and services provided by the Diocese to its parishes and missions.

What should I give?

Gift of Prayer – Pray for the Church to be the hands and feet of Christ; for our diocesan family to grow in love, faithfulness and mercy; and for the needs of all who support or are supported by Annual Catholic Appeal ministries.

Gift of Financial Support – Your pledge, monthly gift or one-time donation is needed and genuinely appreciated. A Catholic guide to tithing includes 1% support of your income for your diocese, 5% for your parish, and 4% for other charitable causes which support Catholic teaching.


Becky Pugh

Director of Mission Advancement




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