Approved Catechetical Curriculum

One of the functions of a bishop is to be the lead catechist within a diocese. It is important to understand that catechesis is not just the instruction of young people, but includes any instruction of the Faith to anyone of any age.  As the Bishop of Great Falls-Billings, Bishop Jeffrey M. Fleming takes this responsibility seriously.  It is vital to the spiritual health of the People of God of Eastern Montana that quality instruction in authentic Catholic teaching is being provided throughout the diocese.

Most often, catechesis is experienced through Sacramental Preparation and Religious Education for the youth of the parishes of the Diocese of Great Falls-Billings.  While parents are to be the first and best catechists of their children, parishes often support parents in offering catechetical programs.  To insure that quality catechesis is being provided to the youth of the diocese, Bishop Fleming affirms and reissues the list of approved catechetical curriculum (established under Bishop Emeritus Warfel), which are acceptable for such use within the Diocese.  Any program not found on the list below must be suspended immediately, unless having previously received special permission from the Office of Lifelong Faith Formation. 

If a parish (or publishing company) would like Bishop Fleming to consider a curriculum not found on the list below, a representative of the parish (or publisher) must work with the Diocesan Director of Evangelization to begin the process.

The following catechetical material is acceptable for use within the Diocese of Great Falls-Billings:

Any curriculum found on the most recent United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Conformity List. 
The most recent list can be found at:

Additionally, Bishop Fleming has approved these curriculum for use within the diocese:

Altaration (Ascension Press)
Called to His Supper
(Our Sunday Visitor)
Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (CGSUSA)
Catholic Parent Know-how (Our Sunday Visitor)
Connected (Ascension Press)
Encounter with Christ Confirmation (Our Sunday Visitor)
EQSaints (EQSaints)
Go, Seek, Find Confirmation (St. Mary’s Press)
God’s Gift-Confirmation (Loyola Press)
Journey of Faith (Liguori Publications)
Lifeteen (Lifeteen)
Making Things Right (Our Sunday Visitor)
Opening Gifts (Sherry Gieser)
The Seton Catholic Family Catechism Series (Seton Press)
Signs of Grace Series (Augustine Institute)
Teen Timeline (Ascension Press)
Together in Jesus
Confirmation-First Eucharist (Pflaum)
YOU! (Ascension Press)
Any material provided on the FORMED platform (Augustine Institute)